Cannabis Edibles and Pregnancy

One of the first snapbacks cannamamas receive for smoking cannabis while pregnant is that smoke in and of itself is harmful to the fetus, and that edibles should be consumed instead. It has even been advised publicly by self-proclaimed cannabis activists that edibles “do not cross the placenta barrier”, and edible consumption treats pregnancy woes “way more effectively”.

Let’s think about these claims, shall we?

CannaMama Clinic understands there are cleaner ways to consume cannabis than smoking the flower of the plant. It is understood that smoking cannabis introduces carcinogens via smoke inhalation. However, as we always state, everything a woman does while pregnant presents a risk for her fetus and she must determine if the perceived risk to the fetus is worth the perceived benefit to her health and the health of her fetus.

In early 2017, CannaMama Clinic surveyed over 760 random cannamamas from the Facebook group, Closed CannaMama Clinic via a Google Form created by CMC called “CannaMama Pregnancy Survey”. 88.9% answered that they consumed cannabis while pregnant to treat nausea. Over 25% said they suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum aka “HG”, a severe form of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Over 80% of the respondents chose to smoke flower as their consumption method preference. The other options were vape flower, dab concentrates, vape concentrates, take tincture, apply topical, swallow edibles, insert suppository, and other. Only 5% chose to consume edibles to treat their ailments while pregnant.

These percentages are unsurprising to the CannaMama Clinic Team.

Let us examine CannaMama Clinic’s theories as to why our respondents overwhelmingly chose to smoke cannabis flower over other consumption methods.

**CMC does plan to follow-up with another survey for clarification, and we also feel like some of the reasons are painfully obvious.** 

  1. Administration Issues. How does a woman who can’t eat consume edibles??? Edibles take up to two hours for the consumer to feel the effect. Smoking only takes moments. When the thought of swallowing food makes you vomit, and holding down water is impossible, the suggestion to consume food as medicine is almost offensive. Even if a woman managed to keep an edible down, suffering for any more time than necessary seems unkind, unnecessary, and poor medical advise especially if you believe smoking cannabis while pregnant is safer to your unborn baby than taking a Tylenol or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  2. Dosage. Pregnancy really is not the time for experimentation with edibles. Almost 76% of the CannaMama Pregnancy Survey respondents declared they had health concerns unrelated to pregnancy that they chose cannabis as treatment prior to becoming pregnant. It makes sense that these women knew how to reach optimum wellness with cannabis before pregnancy and can easily maintain their health needs after in the same manner. Based on the high percentage of women who answered they continued to smoke cannabis while pregnant (over 80%), it would seem they were comfortable with their ability to dose themselves by smoking the flower. Because the effects of smoking are felt so quickly, it is easy to determine if you need another puff or not. Regular consumers quickly learn where their sweet spot is whether it be one hit, one bowl, one joint, one blunt or other. For my purposes, a bowl is about a tenth of a gram. I smoke 2 to 3 when I wake up in the morning just to feel balanced when I am not pregnant. It took more to effectively control my nausea, vomiting, and HG when pregnant. Unfortunately, the pharmacology of cannabis is not clear due to lack of research, and so very few people actually know their dosage as was also determined by the CannaMama Pregnancy Survey. Edibles are much more difficult to gauge even for the seasoned consumer. So many factors contribute to the way a cannabis consumer will react to an edible including the consumer’s metabolism, what the edible was made from, who made it, the consistency of cannabinoids throughout the product, whether or not it was decarboxylated first, how much the consumer ate that day, what the consumer ate that day, and more. That is a lot of variables for a pregnant woman.
  3. Availability. Pretending edibles are easily accessible is an extremely privileged attitude. According to the CannaMama Pregnancy Survey, 65.3% of the respondents obtained their cannabis from the underground market. 31.5% of the respondents live in a state completely restrictive of cannabis consumption, and only 13% had a medical cannabis license at the time of their survey submission.
  4. Cost. Again, pretending edibles are affordable is an extremely privileged attitude. CBD isolate is EXPENSIVE!!! CBD isolate is the start of the highest quality edibles.
  5. Effectiveness. Effective means different things to different people. As an HG survivor myself, effective to me meant my son had a chance when HG threatened my pregnancy. Effective meant I could go back to school and live a fairly normal life. Effective meant my vomiting subsided substantially and the nausea was bearable. For me, I found smoking cannabis was an easy and quick way to combat my pregnancy woes which I still consider the most effective treatment during both of my pregnancies. I did not have access to edibles when I had HG nor the knowledge of how to make them for myself. Once I did, I had little interest in consuming edibles while pregnant.
  6. Preference. I prefer to smoke. Even now that edibles are extremely accessible to me, I rarely consume them. Besides the cost, it is difficult to find items that do not also contain allergens such as gluten or dairy or that would be considered real food at local dispensaries. I lack the desire to infuse the foods I eat. Besides, I rarely cook for just myself. I cook for my whole family so the idea of using cannacoconut oil in my food or cooking separately for myself is not viable.  Finally, I enjoy smoking. Taking medication in an enjoyable manner is the bees knees.

Now let’s talk about cannabis consumption via smoke inhalation versus digestion and how the different methods flow through the placenta to the fetus. THC enters the blood whether it is smoked or swallowed. To say THC consumed in edibles does not cross the “placenta barrier” definitively is a disservice to cannamamas. The difference between the consumption methods of smoking and digestion is how much THC enters the blood and at what rate which varies from person to person depending on metabolism. Smoking always deposits more THC in the blood than swallowing it does, but that fact has no bearing on how well the placenta filters the THC or its metabolite. The placenta is an amazing filter. My daughter and I were urine tested after I gave birth to her because I admitted my choice to consume cannabis to a nurse earlier in my pregnancy. I tested positive. She tested negative. I consumed heavily my entire pregnancy, I was smoking a bowl as I bounced on my ball when I went into labor, and she was born a mere 3 hours later… I have no way to explain that besides to thank my placenta.

So please, stop telling cannamamas to just eat an edible.

Pro Abortion not Pro Choice

The term pro choice is a political slogan used to quickly label oneself as a someone who believes a female person SHOULD have the right to safe and accessible medical pregnancy termination. It is not a free pass to do whatever you want without deep reflection. The cuntist stance of pro abortion is to think past the female socialization of baby-maker to a life of potential, free of the tangible oppression of a baby. It’s about encouraging female people to stop reproducing out of fear, obligation, selfish desire, and biological drive. It begs the question “WHY?”

“WHY would you want to have a baby at this time in your life?!”

Pro abortion demands an end to abortion stigma and the trauma female people face over their decision to abort due to the negative opinions of society floating around in their heads. Pro abortion is the promotion of the reality of motherhood under patriarchy, and the ability to speak truthfully about loss of freedom and control due to having children. It is saying, “yes, I believe you should have the right to an abortion, and I believe you should really consider how a baby will serve you.”

  • Yes, all teens should have abortions.
  • Yes, female people in college should have abortions.
  • Yes, young female people should have abortions, PERIOD.
  • Yes, female people in unstable relationships should have abortions.
  • Yes, female people pregnant by a man that does not want to be a father should have an abortion.
  • Yes, female people that cannot afford to support their offspring should have an abortion.

There are countless scenarios abortion is the right answer.

Yes, some female people should simply never reproduce. Why is that such an offensive truth? I’ve noticed it really punts some in their cunts. Take the emotion out of it.

I was that female person. I fell under so many of those categories at different points in my life. I wanted my pregnancies badly and miscarried many. It was extremely painful.

I had no business wanting a baby. I planned my youngest at 32 after I got married to my partner of already 5 years, and I still had no business wanting a baby. I love her, but I fucked up. My husband even told me we were not ready, but I listened to my biological clock over my love. He was right.

Pro abortion is about wanting better for our daughters.

Pro abortion is not forcing female people to have abortions. Pro abortion is not a loss of rights. Pro abortion is not a campaign to disempower female people or bully them for their choice to give birth. Pro abortion is not an assumption that people in the scenarios listed above will not be good mothers or have good lives. Pro abortion is not anti children. Most of us are loving and nurturing mothers.

We as society should examine bizarre behavior. The fact anyone congratulates young people who choose not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is ludicrous. It’s fucked up.

What is there to congratulate? This crap encourages babies to have babies. You parents, older siblings, family members, coaches, “friends”, people these female people look up to and rely on, that respond in this manner help no one. Excited mothers of these female people are a special kind of stupid. You should know better. Disappointment is the proper response because not every baby is a blessing.


Babies and being baby makers are oppressive as fuck. We are talking about a bigger idea here and that is female LIBERATION. No fucking child or young woman is liberated through giving birth. Time and time again we are told some female people simply are not comfortable having an abortion. WHY?

Society makes us hate ourselves for killing our babies. That’s why, and it is fucking bullshit.

Abortion needs to be destigmatized because there is nothing wrong with the choice to terminate a pregnancy for any reason. Pro abortion is to encourage abortion for every reason you should not reproduce because it is not about you. It is about another human being 100% dependent on another human. That is not love.

Using a baby to get your life on track is…well another cannamama said it best, “If you have to have a kid to make right decisions or to stop doing drugs then you have emotional problems and should get a fucking puppy. Not a child. They are not tools to fix ourselves. We are taught as womyn kids complete us. No. Fuck that. We are worth more then just motherhood. Womyn who can’t have kids are fulfilled every day. Kids are not a patch to your fucked up life.”

Maybe the female person really is pro life. Pro abortion stance helps pro lifers too. We want female people to have the education and confidence in themselves to take full control of their reproductive future. We prefer they understand their bodies and sex education well enough to drastically lower unwanted pregnancies and we beg the question “WHY?” of female people that want to get pregnant before they become pregnant.

If you think you are grown at 21, 22, 25…I have news for you…think again. Live!!! Travel! See the world. Work. Find out what you like and what you don’t like. Oh, you think you know? I will promise you that what you think you know about yourself will change. No one wants to hear about your happy ever after. We know they exist. Don’t be willfully ignorant and miss the point. Again, pro abortion does not mean we fail to acknowledge female people that did it in spite of. Pro abortion begs the question, “WHY?”

Special thanks to my most recent fuckboi who knocked up one of his play things while they are both still Juniors in college when he didn’t want children and had plans to leave state after graduation. She’s “joyous”, and also clueless.

I believe everyone comes into my life for a reason. Their “surprise” really made me think.

Fucking Universe…

What is a CUNTIST?

I regularly receive the question, “what is a ‘cuntist’?”, and so this is my public explanation I suppose.

I get “called” a cunt a lot. This has happened my whole life, but around November of 2014 (when I began to say no) it got really bad. Cunt is supposed to be the ultimate insult against a female person.

The kicker is I got called this name for sticking up for female people and my idea of feminism by mostly female people.

So, I flipped it on them. I reclaimed the word. I decided I am a fucking cunt, and if my brand of feminism didn’t fit with the status quo of third wave liberal feminists then I would simply do my own thing like I always have. #cuntist as I use it was born.

The word is simply my adoption of a negative label used against me because of my beliefs and my attitude. So you are probably wondering how I define my “brand of feminism” and feminist beliefs. First and foremost, I define feminism as the movement to liberate female people from the oppression of male people.

  • I do not believe we can obtain equality prior to liberation, and I don’t want to be equal with men under patriarchy any way.
  • I believe the root of female oppression is being born with a vagina, and not identifying as a woman. Female people as a class cannot identify out of our oppression.
  • I believe the right of female people to have space free of male people is sex-based not gender-based.
  • I believe in bodily autonomy for all.
  • I believe understanding the oppression of people of color, particularly women of color, is also vital to our liberation.
  • I believe gender is a patriarchal tool of oppression.
  • I believe an end to male violence and male socialization in supremacy are the ultimate goals in the mission to smash patriarchy.
  • I am pro abortion.
  • There is no such thing as reverse oppression.
  • Misandry is not real.
  • The pussy is in need of celebration.
  • Female people need to be experts in their own cunt.
  • I believe we can be sex positive and simultaneously understand porn is detrimental to female people as a class.

My TLDR is “it’s my brand of feminism. I center female people in my politics unapologetically.”

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