I regularly receive the question, “what is a ‘cuntist’?”, and so this is my public explanation I suppose.

I get “called” a cunt a lot. This has happened my whole life, but around November of 2014 (when I began to say no) it got really bad. Cunt is supposed to be the ultimate insult against a female person.

The kicker is I got called this name for sticking up for female people and my idea of feminism by mostly female people.

So, I flipped it on them. I reclaimed the word. I decided I am a fucking cunt, and if my brand of feminism didn’t fit with the status quo of third wave liberal feminists then I would simply do my own thing like I always have. #cuntist as I use it was born.

The word is simply my adoption of a negative label used against me because of my beliefs and my attitude. So you are probably wondering how I define my “brand of feminism” and feminist beliefs. First and foremost, I define feminism as the movement to liberate female people from the oppression of male people.

  • I do not believe we can obtain equality prior to liberation, and I don’t want to be equal with men under patriarchy any way.
  • I believe the root of female oppression is being born with a vagina, and not identifying as a woman. Female people as a class cannot identify out of our oppression.
  • I believe the right of female people to have space free of male people is sex-based not gender-based.
  • I believe in bodily autonomy for all.
  • I believe understanding the oppression of people of color, particularly women of color, is also vital to our liberation.
  • I believe gender is a patriarchal tool of oppression.
  • I believe an end to male violence and male socialization in supremacy are the ultimate goals in the mission to smash patriarchy.
  • I am pro abortion.
  • There is no such thing as reverse oppression.
  • Misandry is not real.
  • The pussy is in need of celebration.
  • Female people need to be experts in their own cunt.
  • I believe we can be sex positive and simultaneously understand porn is detrimental to female people as a class.

My TLDR is “it’s my brand of feminism. I center female people in my politics unapologetically.”

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Posted by Jeanna Hoch on Sunday, May 7, 2017

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