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Sunday, 08/13/17

“Hey there need a little parenting advice, at what age would you allow your child/teen to begin using cannabis? No judging just not sure of myself and how to proceed.” ~ Anonymous

Hello, Need A Little Parenting Advice.

This is a tough one for me because my son is 12. He is almost the age I was when I tried cannabis for the first time, and I in no way want him to begin to experiment. However, I like reality. I know it is coming. His attitude has already changed from “I will never smoke cannabis!” to “I want to try an edible.”

So I am there. I tell him that regardless of what the law says, I am not ready to overlook his experimentation of cannabis any time soon. With that said, legally can we ever truly “allow” our minor children to consume without a medicinal license? No.

I am not ratting my kids out to the cops for cannabis ever though. Ever. So I guess the answer to your question is I plan to approach the topic with my children similarly to how my Grandmother raised me…

If my teen has their life together with good grades, extracurricular activity, positive behavior, etc., I refuse to fight their choice to consume cannabis responsibly at whatever age that may be. Sixteen was the magic number I chose to make a stand for my regular cannabis consumption with my own parent, and if my children wait to experiment until that age, I consider it a win.

I am not concerned cannabis is a harmful or toxic substance that will ruin my kids’ lives. Alcohol, pills, cigarettes are a much greater concern of mine. My approach is conversation and a lot of it. 


“I am bisexual. I know it. My husband does not. We have been married 7 years in October. I need/want to tell him bc I’d like to experience a womyn again. Not necessarily in a threesome type setting, though. What is a good way to tell him? And is it wrong that I don’t want him involved if/when I meet the right womyn?” ~ Anonymous


Hello, Bisexual and Committed.

First, let me commend you for holding out this long. Wow. Over seven years without a woman as a bisexual woman is a long time!

I am glad you “need/want” to tell him because I think you should, and he has to respect that you do not want him involved in the sex with your female partner(s). No, it is not wrong to feel a desire to have sex without him. He needs to understand your needs are not about him. You are not his sexual object to fetishize. At that point, he gets to decide if your personal boundaries and needs are a deal breaker for him and his relationship with you.

I can’t tell you a good way to tell him because I do not know him. You know how he takes big blows. I would prepare for worst and hope for the best. Maybe butter him up with his favorites first. If he is anything like my husband, that means food and sex. Good luck!

 Sunday, 05/21/17

When u were pregnant how did u consume the marijuana I know smoke isn’t good for the fetus .
Edibles , oils, vapes?” ~ Anonymous

Hello, Consumption Method Concerned.

I consumed during two pregnancies, but I will discuss my most recent because I feel I was most informed at the time.

While it is true that smoking is not considered the most healthy way to consume cannabis, I chose to smoke cannabis while pregnant. I found it was the method that worked fastest and was most effective. In a recent poll of over 750 of our members, we found this to be the choice of most of the cannamamas who responded. 80% chose to smoke cannabis as their consumption method.

Edibles were not a good choice for me because of nausea. Most food did not appeal to me, and I did not want to risk wasting my medicine in case it came back up.

“Oil” is kind of a loaded term. Sometimes people say that and actually mean cannabis oil. Sometimes they mean cannabidiol. Sometimes people mean tincture. Sometimes people mean a topical salve. My answer varies depending on what you meant, but in short, I recommend trying it all and finding what works for you. If you meant CBD oil, that can be a great alternative for people worried about THC exposure to the fetus.

I highly recommend women try topicals especially for problems like hip pain. Vaping is definitely another great option for women concerned with smoke inhalation while pregnant. I am more concerned with quality of concentrates, however.


I would like to get feedback on my cannabis use during pregnancy im 8 months pregnant using cannabis daily and im terrified of cps taking my baby and my soon to be 1 year old as well. I live in south dakota please anybody give me any kind of facts or soemthing to ease my mind. My first born was born and they tested both of us at the time of her birth. But nothing happened. Im really terrified and at this rate even if i stop smoking its still going to be in our system. Pleasseee i need advice. Idk who to go to im so terrified” ~ Anonymous

Hello, Terrified in SD.

Unfortunately, there is not much I can say to ease your mind. Women’s experiences vary too much depending on the climate of child protective services in their geographical location and the policies of the place where they gave birth. I do encourage you to do your research on both. Most helpful when I tested positive for cannabis after I gave birth with my second was being informed on the efficacy of cannabis consumption, informed on its non toxic status, and that I remained calm but firm.