Pro Abortion not Pro Choice

The term pro choice is a political slogan used to quickly label oneself as a someone who believes a female person SHOULD have the right to safe and accessible medical pregnancy termination. It is not a free pass to do whatever you want without deep reflection. The cuntist stance of pro abortion is to think past the female socialization of baby-maker to a life of potential, free of the tangible oppression of a baby. It’s about encouraging female people to stop reproducing out of fear, obligation, selfish desire, and biological drive. It begs the question “WHY?”

“WHY would you want to have a baby at this time in your life?!”

Pro abortion demands an end to abortion stigma and the trauma female people face over their decision to abort due to the negative opinions of society floating around in their heads. Pro abortion is the promotion of the reality of motherhood under patriarchy, and the ability to speak truthfully about loss of freedom and control due to having children. It is saying, “yes, I believe you should have the right to an abortion, and I believe you should really consider how a baby will serve you.”

  • Yes, all teens should have abortions.
  • Yes, female people in college should have abortions.
  • Yes, young female people should have abortions, PERIOD.
  • Yes, female people in unstable relationships should have abortions.
  • Yes, female people pregnant by a man that does not want to be a father should have an abortion.
  • Yes, female people that cannot afford to support their offspring should have an abortion.

There are countless scenarios abortion is the right answer.

Yes, some female people should simply never reproduce. Why is that such an offensive truth? I’ve noticed it really punts some in their cunts. Take the emotion out of it.

I was that female person. I fell under so many of those categories at different points in my life. I wanted my pregnancies badly and miscarried many. It was extremely painful.

I had no business wanting a baby. I planned my youngest at 32 after I got married to my partner of already 5 years, and I still had no business wanting a baby. I love her, but I fucked up. My husband even told me we were not ready, but I listened to my biological clock over my love. He was right.

Pro abortion is about wanting better for our daughters.

Pro abortion is not forcing female people to have abortions. Pro abortion is not a loss of rights. Pro abortion is not a campaign to disempower female people or bully them for their choice to give birth. Pro abortion is not an assumption that people in the scenarios listed above will not be good mothers or have good lives. Pro abortion is not anti children. Most of us are loving and nurturing mothers.

We as society should examine bizarre behavior. The fact anyone congratulates young people who choose not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is ludicrous. It’s fucked up.

What is there to congratulate? This crap encourages babies to have babies. You parents, older siblings, family members, coaches, “friends”, people these female people look up to and rely on, that respond in this manner help no one. Excited mothers of these female people are a special kind of stupid. You should know better. Disappointment is the proper response because not every baby is a blessing.


Babies and being baby makers are oppressive as fuck. We are talking about a bigger idea here and that is female LIBERATION. No fucking child or young woman is liberated through giving birth. Time and time again we are told some female people simply are not comfortable having an abortion. WHY?

Society makes us hate ourselves for killing our babies. That’s why, and it is fucking bullshit.

Abortion needs to be destigmatized because there is nothing wrong with the choice to terminate a pregnancy for any reason. Pro abortion is to encourage abortion for every reason you should not reproduce because it is not about you. It is about another human being 100% dependent on another human. That is not love.

Using a baby to get your life on track is…well another cannamama said it best, “If you have to have a kid to make right decisions or to stop doing drugs then you have emotional problems and should get a fucking puppy. Not a child. They are not tools to fix ourselves. We are taught as womyn kids complete us. No. Fuck that. We are worth more then just motherhood. Womyn who can’t have kids are fulfilled every day. Kids are not a patch to your fucked up life.”

Maybe the female person really is pro life. Pro abortion stance helps pro lifers too. We want female people to have the education and confidence in themselves to take full control of their reproductive future. We prefer they understand their bodies and sex education well enough to drastically lower unwanted pregnancies and we beg the question “WHY?” of female people that want to get pregnant before they become pregnant.

If you think you are grown at 21, 22, 25…I have news for you…think again. Live!!! Travel! See the world. Work. Find out what you like and what you don’t like. Oh, you think you know? I will promise you that what you think you know about yourself will change. No one wants to hear about your happy ever after. We know they exist. Don’t be willfully ignorant and miss the point. Again, pro abortion does not mean we fail to acknowledge female people that did it in spite of. Pro abortion begs the question, “WHY?”

Special thanks to my most recent fuckboi who knocked up one of his play things while they are both still Juniors in college when he didn’t want children and had plans to leave state after graduation. She’s “joyous”, and also clueless.

I believe everyone comes into my life for a reason. Their “surprise” really made me think.

Fucking Universe…

What is a CUNTIST?

I regularly receive the question, “what is a ‘cuntist’?”, and so this is my public explanation I suppose.

I get “called” a cunt a lot. This has happened my whole life, but around November of 2014 (when I began to say no) it got really bad. Cunt is supposed to be the ultimate insult against a female person.

The kicker is I got called this name for sticking up for female people and my idea of feminism by mostly female people.

So, I flipped it on them. I reclaimed the word. I decided I am a fucking cunt, and if my brand of feminism didn’t fit with the status quo of third wave liberal feminists then I would simply do my own thing like I always have. #cuntist as I use it was born.

The word is simply my adoption of a negative label used against me because of my beliefs and my attitude. So you are probably wondering how I define my “brand of feminism” and feminist beliefs. First and foremost, I define feminism as the movement to liberate female people from the oppression of male people.

  • I do not believe we can obtain equality prior to liberation, and I don’t want to be equal with men under patriarchy any way.
  • I believe the root of female oppression is being born with a vagina, and not identifying as a woman. Female people as a class cannot identify out of our oppression.
  • I believe the right of female people to have space free of male people is sex-based not gender-based.
  • I believe in bodily autonomy for all.
  • I believe understanding the oppression of people of color, particularly women of color, is also vital to our liberation.
  • I believe gender is a patriarchal tool of oppression.
  • I believe an end to male violence and male socialization in supremacy are the ultimate goals in the mission to smash patriarchy.
  • I am pro abortion.
  • There is no such thing as reverse oppression.
  • Misandry is not real.
  • The pussy is in need of celebration.
  • Female people need to be experts in their own cunt.
  • I believe we can be sex positive and simultaneously understand porn is detrimental to female people as a class.

My TLDR is “it’s my brand of feminism. I center female people in my politics unapologetically.”

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Stop Taking Our Children Away

First, I got permission to write this post from the woman in the story because she wants to help put an end to the removal of children from the homes of cannamamas.

I’m sitting at my desk in tears over the latest story told to me by a UK cannamama.  This morning (afternoon her time), she posted in my secret Facebook group:

“I just have had my breastfeeding journey forciably (sic) ended.  My family reported me to social work for smoking weed.  They said no more breastfeeding until I earn my kids back and pass a drugs test.  My kids are gone they took them my step mum saw me smoking in the bedroom.  I broke my arm the night before.  They say I am a risk to my children and unfit.  They asked me to voluntarily give them up.  Im dying. Im smoking my last bowl for 17 years.  And the pain of every second that goes by without them is harsher and heavier than the last.  Im dying.  Sitting here looking out my front window and praying for a car to show up and bring my girls back to me.  It never comes.  I just pray I can endure this pain and get them back.  I hope they will still love me.  This cannabis prosecution needs to end.  My girls and I don’t deserve this.  but I cant fight this fight anymore though its cost us too dearly.  good bye and good luck everyone.”

Her story  is horrifying.  We are told there is a “pretty harsh view” of cannabis in her country.  She has been charged for “smoking and nursing”.  She told us she is being treated like a “child molester”.  I believe her.  Child molesting rapists like Jared Subway Fogle end up with less time than non-violent drug offenders.  Why?  Because women and children are powerless classes of people.

I’ll ask the question, how does a good mother, in every sense of the word, deserve this treatment for using cannabis?  What good can the removal possibly do for her children?  Imagine what the baby is going through today!  The baby doesn’t understand why its mother is gone and cannot feed from her breast…why an artificial nipple is shoved into its mouth while gagging on this new liquid that does not smell or taste anything like Mommy’s milk.  This is the best interest of the child?

But that is what they say.  The government rips children from the arms of their mothers regularly over cannabis in the UK and the United States.  Don’t believe it?  Read about Kansas mom, Shonda Banda.  In the UK injustice described above, the children have been placed in “emergency 48 hour foster care”.  Children under the care of cannamamas are deemed an “emergency” situation by her government!  They say the children are in danger.  They tell cannamamas they are horrible people and threaten them with permanent action.  It’s the worst kind of bullying.  I am disgusted.

We are told there is nothing we can do for her, there is nothing she can do for herself or her children, that she must do everything ordered or lose her children for good.

I will reiterate a point I regularly make, mothers are the most discriminated against group of cannabis users with the most to lose.  The cannabis community should focus on helping these women gain back their natural right to mother their children despite their choice to use cannabis.  According to a late 2014 report by the Global Drug Policy Observatory, a European think tank, women aged 30-50 are the key demographic for legalization.  This demographic is also the most likely to be mothers.  The Stoner Cookbook and Elle have made similar statements in recent articles.  If the intent is to use these women to pass cannabis legislation and make money from the cannabis products they buy, shouldn’t the government’s separation of a cannamama and her child be of the utmost concern to the cannabis powers that be?

I argue this is just one more instance of women used for a bigger purpose, but ignored on a class level.  Our help is wanted, but no help is given.  PAY ATTENTION TO US!!!  LISTEN TO THE CRIES OF OUR CHILDREN AS THEY ARE RIPPED FROM OUR ARMS!!!!  Or don’t expect shit from us.  We can do bad by ourselves.

Cannabis refugees are not all medical in nature.  Women are fleeing their homes with their children in the hopes they find a place that will not threaten to take their children because they live in cannamama homes.  Unfortunately, that place does not exist yet.  Some places are better than others, but this frightened and tortured mother is right.  We are in a fight for our freedom, our rights, and our children.

To the woman this happened to, to the women it has happened to, and the women it will happen to: you are not alone.  We are fighting this fight.  We will win.  Don’t let them brainwash you.  Do whatever you have to do to get your children back, but never believe you are a bad mother.  Cannabis use does not make us negligent parents.  We will get through cannabis persecution together.