We consult on the following topics.
Pregnancy & Cannabis
Breastfeeding & Cannabis
CPS & Cannabis
Coming out of the CannaCloset
Peaceful Parenting
Natural Birth
Bodily Autonomy
Womyn Empowerment
Male Violence
Military Spouses & Cannabis
Healthy Eating

15 minute Private Phone or Live Chat Sesh
Consume with THE CannaMama, LadyA, Tierza, or Heather in a one-on-one conversation about the topic of your choice via phone or LIVE Chat. $25

30 minute LIVE Group Chat Sesh to consume with The CannaMama and LadyA while we discuss a predetermined topic of interest.
9/12 3:00PM MST on Breastfeeding and Cannabis Consumption. Limited seating available! $25

9/19 3:00PM MST on How to be a Cannavist in your area. Limited seating available! $25

9/26 3:00PM MST on Advice on #ComingOutCannaMama. Limited seating available! $25

10/3 3:00PM MST on Peaceful Parenting. Limited seating available! $25

10/10 3:00PM MST on Cannabis during Motherhood. Limited seating available! $25

10/17 MST on Advice on Female Empowerment Sesh: Financial Freedom and the Importance as a Womyn. Limited seating available! $25

10/24 3:00PM MST on Research Review: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Cannabis. Limited seating available! $25

10/31 3:00PM MST on Dispensary Etiquette and Rules (can you bring your child?, how they vary per municipality, etc) Limited seating available! $25

11/7 3:00PM MST on Edibles, Infused Products. Limited seating available! $25

11/14 3:00PM MST on Concentrates. Limited seating available! $25

11/21 3:00PM MST on The Endocannabinoid System. Limited seating available! $25

11/28 3:00PM MST on How to run a successful social media advocacy campaign.. Limited seating available! $25

12/4 3:00PM MST on Terpenes. Limited seating available! $25

12/11 3:00PM MST on Pregnancy and Cannabis Consumption. Limited seating available! $25

Group Sesh Bundle Package
Buy 5 Group Seshes of your choice for 25% off entire purchase! 30 minutes each Group Sesh. $93.75

Custom Empowerment Plan
Detailed written client recommendation. Written alternative to Private Phone or Live Chat Sesh. A one-on-one conversation on the topic of your choice. Must get Green Sesh prior to first Private Sesh. $125

Personal Shopper Service
Meet THE CannaMama or LadyA at the local Denver-area dispensary of your choice for the ultimate shopper experience. Purchase cost does not include $100 per hour fee or 20% commission on dispensary purchase. Includes Green Sesh. $250


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White Coming Out CannaMama T-shirt
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Black Coming Out CannaMama T-shirt
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