CannaMama Clinic provides consultation and coaching services on the following topics.
Pregnancy & Cannabis Consumption
Breastfeeding & Cannabis Consumption
Parenthood & Cannabis Culture
CPS, Cannabis, & Your Children: Know the Risks
Coming out of the CannaCloset
Fitness & Cannabis: Avoid the Lazy Stoner Stigma
Female Wellness
Abortion Doula Support
Female Empowerment
Bodily Autonomy
Natural Birth / Home Birth
Peaceful Parenting
Routine Infant Circumcision / FGM
Male Violence

15 minute Private Phone or LIVE Video Sesh
Get advice and consume cannabis with Jeanna Hoch AKA THE CannaMama, Tierza AKA LA CannaMadre, or Heather AKA Spiritual Gangster during a private one-on-one conversation about the topic of your choice via phone or LIVE video sesh. $25

30 minute LIVE Group Sesh to consume cannabis with The CannaMama while we discuss a predetermined topic of interest.
12/11 11:00AM MST on Pregnancy and Cannabis Consumption. Limited seating available! $25

9/12 11:00AM MST on Breastfeeding and Cannabis Consumption. Limited seating available! $25

9/19 11:00AM MST on Advice on #ComingOutCannaMama. Limited seating available! $25

9/26 11:00AM MST on How to be a Cannavist in Your Area. Limited seating available! $25

10/3 3:00PM MST on Peaceful Parenting Goals. Limited seating available! $25

10/10 3:00PM MST on Parenthood & Cannabis Culture. Limited seating available! $25

10/17 11:00AM MST on Female Empowerment: Financial Abuse, Financial Freedom and the Importance as a Female. Limited seating available! $25

10/24 3:00PM MST on Research Review: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Cannabis. Limited seating available! $25

10/31 3:00PM MST on Dispensary Etiquette and Rules (Can you bring your child?, how dispensaries vary per municipality, etc) Limited seating available! $25

11/7 3:00PM MST on Edibles, Infused Products. Limited seating available! $25

11/14 3:00PM MST on Concentrates. Limited seating available! $25

11/21 3:00PM MST on The Endocannabinoid System. Limited seating available! $25

11/28 3:00PM MST on How to Run a Successful Social Media Advocacy Campaign.. Limited seating available! $25

12/4 3:00PM MST on Terpenes. Limited seating available! $25

Group Sesh Bundle Package
Buy 5 Group Seshes of your choice for 25% off entire purchase! 30 minutes each Group Sesh. $93.75

Custom Empowerment Plan
A detailed written client recommendation on desired topic. Written alternative to Private Phone or Live Video Sesh. $125

Luxury Personal Shopper Service
Meet THE CannaMama at the local Denver-area dispensary of your choice for the ultimate shopper experience. Purchase cost does not include $100 per hour fee or 20% commission on dispensary purchase. $250


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White Coming Out CannaMama T-shirt
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Black Coming Out CannaMama T-shirt
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