Pro Abortion: Let’s Clear Some Things Up!

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the cuntist pro abortion stance I recently wrote about which is strange to me because I still think it is pretty clear. Hopefully, I do better this time around.

Pro abortion does not mean forced abortion.
Pro abortion does not mean pro adoption.

Pro abortion does not mean anti choice.

Pro abortion does not mean anti welfare.
Pro abortion does not mean remove supportive resources for young parents.

Pro abortion does mean get a life…before you bring a life into the world…and live it to the fullest.
Pro abortion does mean be honest about the struggles young mothers face.
Pro abortion does mean end the stigma associated with pregnancy termination.

Pro abortion does mean tell a young unprepared mother to abort. She deserves it.
Pro abortion does mean your “teen pregnancy success story” is an oxymoronic phrase.

No, I don’t care if that hurt your feelings. If it offends you, good. Now think about why your undies are in a bunch.

The repeated criticism I have received about the pro abortion stance goes something like this, “Pro abortion is hurtful to teen moms.” “If you don’t support a woman’s choice you aren’t a feminist.” “Don’t bash!” “Don’t stereotype!” “It’s no one’s business when a woman decides to have a baby!

I did not write the pro abortion article to protect the feelings of adult women. I wrote the pro abortion article to protect the lives of young women and girls. I wrote the pro abortion article to speak honestly about the life we give up between childhood and motherhood when we choose to reproduce, the life too many of us have not experienced or do not yet realize we have to live before we made the choice of responsibility for another human being for a minimum of 18 years. I wrote the pro abortion article to aid in the liberation of female people from oppressive patriarchal ideas, kind of the point of feminism.

Statistics are not stereotypes. “Girls age 15 to 19 with a diagnosis of a major mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia, are almost three times as likely to give birth as adolescents without mental health issues, according to a study of more than 70,000 teen girls in Ontario,” reports Seleni Institute. Too many girls have no idea of the increased rate of postpartum depression in young moms let alone the signs of postpartum depression nor do they have the support to treat it. They have no idea of the risk of pregnancy or birth complications or trauma. They have no idea that the USA leads the world in maternal death in an industrialized nation.

Too many girls are lied to about promised help with a new baby. They don’t know they agreed to a likelihood of lifetime poverty for their children and themselves, that teen parenthood is the leading cause of why children do not finish high school. They have no idea the average cost to feed and educate a single child to adulthood. They aren’t aware they are likely to have more children sooner which will further increase the likelihood they will remain in poverty which increases their likelihood to experience violence, and the likelihood their children will experience violence also. 

Too many girls romanticize young motherhood and even young grandmotherhood. Girls basing their reproductive choices on the kind of grandmother they believe they want be before their brains have had a chance to fully mature! If that is not female socialization and regurgitated oppression…

I get it though. Our society is obsessed with youth. Pedophile culture is ingrained in our brains via social expectations and entertainment. It is easier to accuse someone of a verbal attack than to think about how our socialization to reproduce in our youth harms girls and women as a class. It stings to consider how we may aid in our own oppression.

But don’t you want better for your children? For your daughters? Would you encourage your teens to get pregnant? Then you are probably pro abortion too. Simply allow your palate to grow accustomed to the taste. Now you may understand why a woman’s choice to reproduce prior to maturity is everyone’s business, especially the business of people who want better for female people as a class, and why the pro abortion discussion is important.

It’s not always easy to admit we have made mistakes. Some mistakes are harder to admit than others, and some people have an extra tough time facing the mistakes they made. We still have to face them.

I have made so many mistakes as a mother. I am a circumcision regret mom for example. I am a pro abortion regret mom too. I do not regret my children. I love them dearly.

I regret the choice to reproduce as a young mentally and financially unprepared woman. Babies need more than love to thrive. They need our stability and experience.

I had no business bringing life into this world when I did not have my own life in order which includes the child I had only 3 short years ago at almost 33. So please do not envision the pro abortion stance up on the high horse. “In order” means different things for different people, and each individual knows if their life is “in order” or not if they are honest with themselves. Babies deserve parents with their lives “in order”. Don’t you think?